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We truly believe that every creation is infused with its creator's spirit.

Unseen Africa is a unique platform to uncover and showcase a diverse range of Africa’s exceptional design. Through our efforts, we bring a touch of Africa to the world starting in Singapore; establishing the narrative of how Africa has risen on the global stage, while holding onto culture, tradition, and craftsmanship. Each time a piece of design is produced, there is more than a person behind it, but rather, a community that is uplifted and a story that the world deserves to hear.

When you shop for an item from Unseen Africa, you are not only the owner of African elegance, but are also making a conscious investment in a unique premium item. Each of our products are handmade by Africans who value their craft and embrace their rich cultures, in lands thousands of miles away from you.


We’re open about where we source our products and our partners, because trust is important to us.


 Each of the products we offer are made by the hands of people in the countries they originate from.

Ethical Sourcing

We know our partners well, we know where each of our products are made, where they source their materials and who makes them.

Social Enterprise 

We are committed to contributing to the economic development of people in Africa, by helping our partners gain access to new markets.


We want you to love the pieces you purchase from us. 

We want you to experience the culture and craftsmanship of Africa through the pieces we source. We spend much of our time discovering, exploring and sourcing with partners who are home to some of the Continents’ most creative and socially responsible products.

Our promise is to consistently bring you a wide range of beautiful, authentic and unique designs from sources that you can trust. Our customer service does not end once you’ve made a purchase. Our team will work with you from the start of your search to delivery, where appropriate, to ensure your chosen pieces meet all your needs.


We truly believe that every creation is infused with its creator's spirit.

We actively seek out originators of African design as exemplars of what it means to be African in the 21st Century. We spend time getting to know our Partners, building mutual respect partnerships while opening up new and exciting business opportunities in giving them access to global markets. Every piece is sourced from an African artisan (or business), who share our commitment to contribute to Africa’s growth.

Whether it is the unique ability to rekindle ancient artisanal skills or the creation of fresh African design thinking, we work together to ensure that the integrity of their work is not only protected, but also respected. Every creation is infused with its creator's spirit, and so the story of their provenance and cultural origins are key to what we do. It is from their sense of humility, dedication and hard work along with their commitment to the creation of authentic beauty, we will continue to draw our own inspiration.


From Africa to the World. 

Adama Diallo is the Chief Curator & Founder of Unseen Africa. A native of Guinea, West Africa, currently based in Singapore, has travelled extensively across Africa having worked (and lived) in Guinea, France, the United Kingdom. Her travels have opened her up to appreciate the world around her not for what she sees but what she feels inside when visiting a country.

It is her passion for exploring new cultures, connecting people, flair for beautiful spaces and rich experience, constantly fuelling her drive and passion that led her to create Unseen Africa. Her experience in building and deploying technology platforms across continents was driven by a purpose to use digital transformation to uplift people’s lives. Unseen Africa is another manifestation of this driven-purpose.

Adama spends her free time uncovering gems crafted by artisans based in Africa, from decor accessories to art and photography to food, experiences and beyond aimed at contemporary style-seekers living across the world, who are excited to explore and discover new Continents.