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These lidded baskets are the perfect way to keep your bathroom or bedroom tidy. Use them for laundry, or for storing blankets, towels, or kids' toys. 

These baskets are designed to be more durable, allowing them to be suitable for use indoors and outdoors on a patio. The products are made from South African sourced multifilament polypropylene. The rope is carefully sewn together in a coiling technique.

Care Instructions
Cotton rope and jute rote products:
  • Rub with broad adhesive tape or gently spot clean with a wet cloth and mild hand wash soap. 
  • It is best for the cotton rope not to get wet. Hand wash gently. 
  • Machine wash for smaller rope products.
  • For products made from dyed cotton rope, it is recommended that the dyed rope does not get wet. Dyed rope may run when wet. If the product does need to be washed, please hand wash gently with cold water and ensure that it dries evenly and as fast as possible.
  • If the baskets do start sagging or folding due extra weight, shake the basket out to its original shape and place something inside the basket to push out the folds and maintain the original shape.
  • Wet laundry is not advise to place in the cotton baskets.  
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